I arrived at my cousins house in Utah on Saturday. It’s an intermediate stop, and the company is just as amazing as the landscapes. I’ve never traveled this far north. For all the climbing that I’ve done, believe it or not, I’ve been pretty much confined to California. And with the Sierras, Yosemite, Tahquitz and all the rest of the world class granite it’s understandable how I’d not ventured far from home.

I’m heading to Lander, Wyoming in the morning bound for the Wind River Range for a week of alpine climbing. I am ecstatic. It’s also such a blessing to have a nice roof with family for my last stop before venturing out into the back country. Did I mention the surprise birthday party? My life rocks!

There is nothing that alleviates anxiety like good food, good company, and being surrounded by my cousins two amazing boys! It’s just one of those moments that feels fatalistic, as though it couldn’t have happened any other way.

I’m psyched. When this post releases I’ll probably be a few hundred feet off the ground on some alpine granite tower. I’ll be off the grid for sure.

A lot of things transpired yesterday that really caused a lot of doubt. Financial things mostly. Life threw a curve ball. I can’t act surprised though, because it’s bound to happen when I’m juggling so many different things, and running around trying to tie all the loose ends up to the last minute before my departure.

When I pulled across the border into Utah in 109 degree heat I was greeted with a thunderstorm which brought welcoming 77 degree temps for a nice 30 minute reprieve from the vicious desert heat. That was the moment I let go, and accepted that I had made the right decision and committed to this moment. That thunderstorm made it’s way north later that evening, and I was able to sit, watch, and listen to the soothing rain and the calming flashes and thunder.

Anyways… there’s a post coming out after this one, but I wrote it before this one. This is the last thing I’ll write before heading into the mountains tomorrow evening, and I feel like everything is right where it belongs.

After the Winds, I’m headed to Jackson Hole for a few days in the Tetons. It’s been a dream of mine to climb the Grand, and that’s the only real objective I have. I would be completely content doing 4th to low 5th class ridge scrambling in the mountains so long as I can stand atop the Grand Teton.

Hope to find time in between ranges to put some thoughts down, but only time will tell. Until then, over and out.

I wish you long days and pleasant nights.

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