After Work Sessions

A lot of people trash talk free soloing. Oh the risk, or how irresponsible, or what if a hold breaks. Oh what if, what if…

What if I already weighed the pros and cons of my decisions and am participating in informed actions? What if I dedicate my life to this craft?

Yeah, I’ve weighed the pros and cons, and I can’t begin to described how liberated I feel moving freely and ropeless by myself. Throw in some headphones and blast some good times and dance my way up some beautiful stone.

I worked 9+ hours in the blazing heat today, and when I got off I was able to cruise to my local crag and within 45 minutes of being here I’ve already climbed 9 pitches. Albiet shirt pitches, but pitches, and in REAL rock–not in some plastic stuffy crowded overpriced gym.

Oh yes… I’ve played through the risks in my head, and in the end it’s just so god damn worth it!

Climb responsibly, my friends!