No matter what you do–bad, good, or indifferent–there will be a critic. Recognize them for what they are and move the fuck on with your life. There is no way to understand why the haters and the trolls are out there doing what they do, and there’s really no real reason that it matters. What gives the outspoken social critic power is attention. When we debate with them, they will always have some witty response ready to finger onto the screen, and they will wield their words like a sword–however irrelevant they may be.

It is one of the unfortunate byproducts of our social interactions moving from interpersonal communication to technological interaction. As if windshield warriors weren’t bad enough, hidden from rebuttal in their automotive fortress of self-justified rage unto the world, we now have critics and attacks coming from people and places that we can’t even identify. Compounding this issue is the PC culture that dominates every single action or response we make when provoked.

Social interaction is fascinating to me, and having lived a significant ammount of my life without a cell phone and off of social media, not because I’m old but because I just didn’t hop on that trend right away, sometimes I feel like I missed some digital bus, or that the rules I’m abiding to have long since been extinct. I think the biggest error is the expectation that digital modes of communication will somehow transmit tone, or context. That is almost never the case. One counter comment pops up, and as you try to respond there is a sudden barrage of others.

For example, when someone asked a question on a private college class media page earlier this week about late grading on Essay #5, I answered that the professor had sent out an email addressing the grading delay due to him being evacuated from his home because of the fires. Suddenly two peers replied to my comment yelling some shit about Essay #2: The fires don’t justify his delay on essay #2! Well, shit gibbon, I didn’t tailor my response to Essay #2. Anyways, I didn’t answer them, I just recalled the instance as I wrote this up.

This response was really provoked by some shitty comments I saw under a Rock and Ice article, and the story was well written, and eloquent, and the comments were not just rude, but they were a form of character assassination and attack. It was a narrative, and I’d bet you they sure feel self-righteous sitting behind their little screen armed with their keyboards–like I do right now.

And I think this kind of insight really applies to the shenanigans going on in the world today. When asked to provide proof or an answer, someone can just point their finger off in the distance and say “LOOK AT THAT SQUIRREL, HE’S FUCKING A RABBIT!” And everyone diverts their attention to the rabbit, and they’re like, “Well I’ll be damned, let’s go chase down that squirrel.”

And what I’m really getting at is that we live in a world dominated by fallacy. It’s not about who’s right, or who’s wrong, but instead about who can provide a wittier response, or some invalidated assumption. They get 5000 likes for their post and walk away feeling all special and giddy, and the world continues to delve deeper into this shit show.

Anyways, that’s enough from me. It’s late and I felt like going on a rant. Happy Sunday.

By the way, did anyone see which way that rabbit went?

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