I like adventures. I think that a lot of our lives are interrupted and hindered by fear, whether that be fear of failure, or injury, or future ramifications of our actions, or being rejected by our peers. I spent a large portion of my life dominated by that fear, and I allowed myself to be governed and corralled by it until I started questioning the point of living. And then I just let go of it all, and I went out to experience the joy of life without a tether.

I’ve found in my studies in school and in life, that there lies an interconnected metaphor throughout the world and most major religions: resurrection and redemption. This site is a story–it is the narrative of my resurrection from addiction and passion lacking life. I aspire to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

It all started standing atop the Coronado Bridge, and I’ve now made my way to the top of the highest and most aesthetic mountains in the United States. When I started I had never been on vacation, and I’d never dared to believe I’d ever be interesting or strong enough to embark upon adventures. It’s been close to nine years since then, and I’m proud to say that I was so wrong.

I hope you’ll join me as I climb my way out of insecurity and stigma, and I hope that some of the adventures I embark upon and things I say inspire you to rise above self-imposed limitations.

– Safty